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City LinUX - Systems Admin 101

An introduction to Linux systems administration.

The introduction to Linux systems administration requires a total of 30 hours of presentations and lab work. It can be run as an intensive 6 day course for experienced IT professionals or taken at a slower pace over a period of three to six weeks. Trainees will get most out the course where there is time between sessions to practice and experiment with newly acquired skills.

The course covers the history, philosophy, principles and practice of Linux systems administration in an heterogeneous environment.

An index into the training notes in html format is available on the left hand menu. The training notes are available as a pdf file , or as a single html file .

Who should attend?

This course can be run for system managers and systems administrators familiar with the administration and management of other operating systems who are considering incorporating Linux into the IT technology mix. Taken at a more leisurely pace with more time allocated to practice and discussion the course may also be presented to those without previous systems administration experience.


Students should be aware of systems administration procedures. Keyboard skills are essential for all practical sessions.

Next course dates.

By arrangement.

Course fees.

£1900 on site including a Linux distribution CD and course training notes for up to 6 trainees.

Off site training can be arranged.

All prices are subject to 20% VAT.

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