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Section 24.
Web servers

"I’d say there was a fair amount of skepticism at the time about whether the Internet held any promise. And of course I felt that it did."

Jim Clark - founder of Netscape.

24. Internet web servers.

UNIX and Linux provide the vast majority of services available on the internet. In the field of web servers UNIX/Linux platforms with the Apache web server, dominate cyberspace.

The statistics produced by Netcraft in spring 2012 show that Apache continues to be preeminent.

Image imgs/sa101-30.png

The above table is for the top servers across all domains. The figures for the total active sites across all domains show a similar Apache dominance at over 67%. Interestingly on this measure since November 2011 Nginx, an alternative open source web server knocks Microsoft into 3rd place but Apache continues to have 5 times as many sites as it’s nearest rival.

The Ubuntu Apache installation Guide is at

24.1. Apache installation.

Download and install with

apt-get install apache2

24.2. Exercise.

Use the Ubuntu guide to configure 2 virtual servers on your host. Ensure that there are sufficient differences in the opening page to make it immediately apparent that a different (virtual) server has been reached.

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