Linux Training

Linux training for private, public & voluntary sector.

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City Linux Training

Training programmes can be created to meet your organisations needs. From one day overviews to full 10 day on site training courses.

Training on site can be organised for up to 8 staff for £300 per day, you only pay for the trainers skills and the course documentation not per seat.

Off site training can also be arranged at a suitable venue for your team. Please call on the free phone number or e-mail me to discuss your course requirements and to agree pricing.

Training is offered in Linux, UNIX and many applications including LibreOffice and Civica APP (Flare). Tailored courses are offered in all aspects of the Civica Flare software.

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Linux training will enable you to efficiently migrate to the fastest growing operating systems available. Linux is employed on millions of devices around the world, from the fastest supercomputers, through corporate servers to desktop PC's, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Open systems can provide a superior robust, stable and secure platform while saving you money.

System managers and administrators armed with a good knowledge of Linux / UNIX administration can maintain hundreds of hosts with minimal effort. The distributed networked environment was created in UNIX environments and UNIX and Linux remain the operating systems of choice for networked services.

Many of the basic Linux/UNIX tools have been available for over 30 years. Understanding those tools and the principle of Linux/UNIX systems administration, together with a little command line knowledge will enable users to manage systems across the enterprise and to integrate MS Windows platforms with Linux servers.

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